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World travel in a budget

Travel is an expensive activity and especially if it is a world travel. Have you ever looked over the glossy brochures for your dream destinations; they would cost you thousands of dollars just for a single 10 days trip. Yes you heard it right; and there are loads of destinations to be covered. But does this mean that your dream destinations will be a dream only. Would you not be able to travel to the various places around the world without those heaps of money? But all this is a myth, if explored carefully. You do not need all that money to travel the world. The travel operators make sure that you feel this way but it is completely the opposite.

In fact staying home is more expensive that travelling the world. What are the basic things that are needed while on a travel; food, accommodations and transportation to a large extent. All these things can be achieved without much of a hassle. While you are at home, you pay the rent, buy food or go out to eat, drive yourself or take a bus and that is exactly what you have to do when you travel the world.

The only different thing would be that you would be exploring a lot of new things and places. The tour operators provide you the accommodations of their choice along with the entertainment they wish you would do and provide a shuttle bus that would take you out as per their timings and to top it up they would charge you a bomb. This is exactly what the travel operators do. They also succeed in doing so with every other person. But with a little bit of research and thinking, you can plan your trip without being stuck to a schedule even while on a holiday trip. So make sure to travel as per your plans.

Traveling the world for work purpose

How awesome would it be to have a job that will allow you to see the world? Do such jobs exist? Indeed they do. You can become an international business person and get to travel to several places in the world expanding your business. However, it will not be an easy start. For an easier way to live this dream of having roamed the world on the company’s expense, you can think of becoming an air hostess or a flight purser. Let’s take a look at reasons as to why this career option is a preferred one:

You get to roam the world:

When you are working as a cabin crew, you will get to fly to several countries that you probably cannot even imagine. Pick the kind of countries you would like to explore and accordingly try and get into airlines that cater to those countries.

Meet interesting people:

You never know whom you get to meet in your flight, you can easily get to meet the who’s who of almost every industry as at some point in time, they will be traveling to some place or the other in an aircraft.

Get introduced to different cultures:

Since you will be roaming the world, you will be able to catch a glimpse of several cultures and meet many interesting people. You will notice that your outlook broadens and you are even more enlightened as compared to before.

How to become a cabin crew member:

All you need to do is look good, begin by maintaining yourself, your appearance and be strong from within to tackle any unforeseen situations, as the passengers rely on the cabin crew in times of any kind of air trouble.

This way, you can travel the world and live every moment of it as you work

Travelling around the world

“He’s got the whole world in his hands”, imagine being the “him” in this, with no disrespect to the famous carol, it would indeed be an awesome feeling to have the entire world in your pocket. Let’s take a glance of this world that we talk about. This magical world we live in consists of 7 continents, 5 oceans and more than 190 countries. We live in only one tiny part of the world.

Making life worth living

We all have to work to make a living, but how do we spend that amount? Indeed we have our chores and other routine expenses, but one should make it a practice to set aside some funds for travel. Yes, when you travel, you are opening up your mind to absorb the goodness of nature, imagine the freshness that you will feel thereafter, imagine how better you can go ahead with your mundane tasks when you are back!

Make it a mission

Everyone has a bucket list. Make one for yourself. Make a promise to yourself that by the time you turn 50, you would’ve visited at least one country in each of the seven continents and would’ve enjoyed a swim in each of the five oceans. With the advancement in today’s time, roaming around the world is not such a big task as it would’ve been a couple of decades ago.

You can travel even on account of work, if you are lucky, your company would sponsor your trips. Most sales organizations have this reward of sending their employees on a vacation to exotic places in the world on completion of a certain quarter or achieving high targets. If you are at a nascent stage of your career, choose a path that will allow you to travel so that you can work as well as enjoy the beauty of nature at the same time.