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Thai Massage: A Savior When You Are Dog Tired

Prior to cherishing a recent trip to Thailand, a friend had let me know to stay away from Thai massage parlors. Thailand has a reputation for “dirty” (sexual) massage, but in my experience, most massage parlors in Thailand are “clean” and not in any way sexually oriented. It is just that you have to be seeking relaxation of mind and body in the most peaceful environment ever.

Due to the very steeply low fee (around $5 for a 1-hour massage), and due to the fact that I have been donned with  a lot of neck and shoulder problems for a couple of years now owing to my sedentary work style, I had four massages in just over a week in Thailand. Below is a description in a summarized manner; drained out the best of my experiences. There are many massage in Chiang Rai .

The group of friends I was travelling with wanted to go for a Thai massage. One of them had already experienced a foot massage at a Thai massage parlor near the hotel. She enjoyed it so much and had been constantly boasting about it for hours. My mates opted for foot massages, but due to my neck and shoulder pain, I opted for an upper body massage. I was taken in a separate room, a small room with a mat on the floor. I was asked to slip into a comfy pair of silk pajamas. The top had an open back (like a hospital gown) so that oil could be applied to my back. Everything was completely hygienic and commendable but the best was yet to come.

The Thai massage practitioner went after my neck, back, feet, legs, and hands with a sworn vengeance as if I had done something wrong in the life before this to her. She arched my back, slapped me (not to harshly though), hit me with her rounded fists, kneaded my knots as well with her elbows and knees, snapped my fingers and toes (made me feel heaven), and folded me up into positions I couldn’t even have imagined! Fortunately, it was a magnificent experience. It might have sounded harsh the way I have narrated it but it was stark opposite. She asked on several occasions if the amount of pressure she applied was tolerable.

I would be honest to tell you all this that all the 4 massages I had was at the Nina Massage parlour in Chiang Mai. I even offered a tip to the ladies each time since it was worth it. For those who plan to visit Thailand, do not be scared at all! It is an experience of a lifetime.