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The reason to buy and the top ten of souvenir not want, know before you pay

Skyscanner survey revealed about 10 souvenirs not want, the keychain is number one, DVD and refrigerator magnets, respectively.


Skyscanner the Search engine for the rent of Flights, Hotels and Car survey 1,000 tourists after found the souvenirs from friends or family have a tend to thrown it in the trash. The survey found that more than 65 percent of those surveyed admitted that they were not impressed with the souvenirs, 34 percent want to removal souvenirs by thrown, donate or give to someone else, only 8 percent try to use the souvenirs, 2 percent break it so they do not need to stored and 1 percent refused to accept the souvenirs immediately.

And the survey also found the key chain is the number one on the list of souvenirs that do not want the most (17 percent), number two is a DVD (12 percent), number three is refrigerator magnets (10 percent), number four is foods (7 percent ), number five is cheap jewelry (5 percent), number six is brand toy of the airline and the airline branded products (5 percent), number seven is the funny T-shirt, number eight is the local drink, number nine is the dll and number ten is snowballs.