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Thailand’s less known tourist destinations – Chiang Rai

If you are looking for a different type of holiday we suggest that you visit Chiang Rai. This beautiful small city is located in Northern Thailand around 800 km from Bangkok. It was founded by Phaya Mengrai in the 13th century and it was then part of a Lao-Thai kingdom. Nowadays this city is getting more and more popular among tourists which enjoy the beautiful nature and interesting tourist attractions in and around the city. Chiang Rai is also used as a starting point to explore the isolated wilderness of Northern Thailand.

There are few ways to reach Chiang Rai if you are traveling from Bangkok. You can get there by plane, car, train or bug. We suggest you take the last option because although it will take 11 hours to get to the destination you will most certainly enjoy the beautiful small villages and the dense jungle on the road to Chiang Rai.

This delightful city is best known for its calm ambiance, cheap accommodation and exotic food. Besides these things the pleasant people of the city will gladly show you the local tourist attractions and there are a lot of interesting places to visit here. These are some of the must-see attractions for all tourists that plan to visit this region:

1. Doi Tung (The Royal Villa) – This beautiful building was built as a residence for the former Late Princess mother (the mother of the present king). Besides the beautiful architecture they constructors have paid attention to the gardens which are full with different trees and plants. Don’t miss the unique coffee beans that are sold only here!

2. Doi Mae Salong – This is actually a community that offers tourist lots of different activities in order to feel the genuine Thai life in the countryside. It also has a Chinese influence thanks to the mixed population living here. Whether you are looking to visit an old Buddhist temple or see the process of tea planting you are at the right place.

3. Hill Tribe Museum – The region of Chiang Rai is famous for the various tribes that live there. If you want to learn something about these tribes then you must visit the Hill Tribe Museum. It’s very informative and it will help you understand the way these tribes live тhere for centuries.

There are more tourist attractions and things to do in Chiang Rai which makes it the perfect destination for every adventurous tourist!