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Exploring the Culture of Thailand

Thailand is known in this world as a great place to live with a great satisfaction rate. In fact, it stands the 2nd position in the United Nations Human Development Index, which determines quality of life per income and living standards. One of the major reasons behind this achievement is the Culture of Thailand along with its tourism, agriculture, and manufacturing sectors that give business and strength to Thai people.

Thai Culture is one of the best cultures in this world but the other fact is the Thai Culture is influenced by many other cultures from all around the world including the cultures of India, China, Lao, etc. People of Thailand follow Buddhist culture and the culture is ideal for them. Buddhist culture has been evolved from over the time by influence of Hinduism and animism. A big part of Thai society is overseas Chinese who also follow the culture of Thailand.

Muay Thai sport

The way Thai people greet to parents and elders is similar to the way Indians do. That’s why Thai culture is called influenced from Indian Culture. In Thailand, the Wai, is done to greet elders, and in India, Namaste is done. Both are done in the same way. And, in both cultures, younger one greets first and then elder one responds to him or her. In Thai, the word that is spoken with the Wai is Sawasdee Khrap for male and Sawasdee Ka for female. Famous sports of Thailand include Muay Thai, Football, and Kite Fighting.

In addition to all these, Thailand is known for its cuisine as well. In Thai culture, food has blend of five tastes that include sweet, spicy, sour, bitter, and salty. To get this blend the most common ingredients are garlic, chillies, lime juice fist sauce, and lemon grass. Thai people love rice a lot. Hom Mali Rice, which is also called Jasmine variety rice, is their speciality.