Activities in Chiang Rai :

Hill Tribe Museum
A small, but very interesting museum that will probably teach you more, in less than an hour, than a day trip through the countryside. The museum offers, with the help of international volunteers, a fascinating 20-minute slide show to help visitors understand the different cultures of the nine major hill tribes.

Children will enjoy touching many of the objects, seeing how the tools work, and peeking into the model houses. There is a handicraft/clothing shop in front of the office where high-quality items are for sale. These items fund the Population and Community Development Association (PDA) – a non-governmental organization (NGO) responsible for some of the most effective tribal development projects in the region.

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Doi Hua Mae Kham

Doi Hua Mae Kham is the domicile of the hill tribes near the Thai-Burmese border, about three hours by road along the Mae Chan-Ban Thoet Thai-Ban Huai In route which winds along the steep mountain edges. The inhabitants are predominantly of the Lisu tribe, with a smattering of the Akha, Hmong and Muser tribes. Doi Hua Mae Kham is most spectacular in November when the yellow wild sunflowers are in full bloom.


Doi Mae Salong

Doi Mae Salong is located at an elevation close to 1,800 meters, it is one of the highest peaks in Chiang Rai and far-reaching panoramic views. When the mist comes, the views change dramatically, especially at sunrise or sunset. The air is crisp, cool and refreshing all year round.

Doi Mae Salong is the site of Santi Khiri village, a community settled by the former Chinese 93rd Division who moved from Myanmar to reside on Thai territory in 1961. The village became well known for its enchanting scenery and tranquil atmosphere. Today it is a major tourist attraction with its small-town ambience, delicious native Chinese dishes, small hotels and guesthouses catering to visitors and tea, coffee and fruit tree plantations. The scenery is especially picturesque in December and January when sakuras are in full bloom. Scattered with many hill tribe villages, Doi Mae Salong is ideal for trekking.
From Doi Mae Salong a road leads to Tha Thon, the starting point for the Kok River cruise, a distance of 45 kilometers. There are hotels and guesthouses to accommodate tourists and a paved road leading to the village.

Phu Chi Fah

Phu Chi Fah is located in the Pa Mae Ing and Pa Mae Ngao National Forest Reserve. The area is 1,200-1,628m above sea level. Phu Chi Fah is a favoured attraction with Thai tourists, who will visit on November to January to experience the cool weather. The cool climate produces colorful flowering shrubs and the large meadow on the top provides breathtaking views of Laos. In addition, spectacular scenery can be seen from the sheer cliff of Phu Chi Fa, especially the sea of mist at sunrise. Visitors can stay overnight at Ban Rom Fa Thong and Ban Rom Fa Thai.
The mountain is a favoured attraction with Thai tourists, who will visit in droves during the months of November to January to experience the cool weather.

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