Send “Kanongsuek Chuwattana Muay Thai training camp ” to Max tournament

Mr.Mo Krabi Red Hair sends the Champion of boxing, Kanongsuek Chuwattana Muay Thai training camp to “Max Muay Thai ” after send Jomthong Chuwattana Muay Thai training camp to make the reputation as a Superstar of Max Muay Thai. Kanongsuek have the fight with foreign boxer on Sunday, 13th July at the Asiatique Thai boxing stadium, Jarernkrung Road.


After get the Champion of boxing of heavyweight at Koh Langkawi, Malaysia, Kanongsuek Chuwattana, a well-known boxer of Mr.Mo Chujarern Raweearamwong who is very popular and have the fight in this last month of Max Muay Thai at the Asiatique boxing stadium, Jarernkrung Road on Sunday13th July  with foreign boxer to make the reputation as a famous boxer like the same gym boxer, Jomthong Chuwatta.

“Kanongsuek use to fight in Max program one time. He is equal but have an excite match. Now, Max contacts him to fight again on Sunday 13th July with foreign boxer but do not know the race. We are ready to join with Max. In the past, he sends my Jomthong to fight continued until he become a champion in tournament. I believe if he can do good work, Kanongsuek have a chance to be the superstar of Max Muay Thai tournament because he use to fight at Japan and China and the boxing fans that are already known him very well” Mr.Mo said on Sunday’s evening and Bestmuaythai@news 2014-07-01 .


Interesting information about Thailand that you must want to know

If you are looking for some good and interesting information about Thailand then you will find this post interesting too. Here, we have some nice information about Thailand.

  • Thailand is one of the largest countries in Southeast Asia that attractions millions of tourists each year.
  • It is the only country that a European nation had never colonized.
  • Meaning of Thailand per Thai Language is Land of the Free.
  • It has a border shared with four countries including Burma, Laoas, Cambodia, and Malaysia.
  • It is a center of attraction due to several unbelievable things like largest gold Buddha, largest restaurant, largest crocodile farm, and tallest hotel.
  • It is the world’s 51st largest country where more than 75% people are Thai, 14% are Chinese, and rest are people from other religions.
  • People of Thailand follow Buddhism.
  • More than 94% people follow Buddhism in Thailand. Apart from Buddhism, people following Muslim, Christian, and other cultures are also in Thailand.
  • If you try to find nuclear family then you may need to do a lot of struggle because people here love to live in large families than being nuclear.
  • Prostitution is not legal in Thailand but still there are more than 30000 sex workers.
  • Muay Thai – also called Thai Boxing is the national sport of Thailand.
  • Mother of the famous golfer Tiger Woods is of Thai origin.
  • Every year more than 6 million tourists visit to only Thailand and especially, Bangkok – the capital city of Thailand. In 2005, 11 million people from all over the world visited Bangkok.
  • According to the population, Thailand is the world’s 20th largest country.
  • Thailand is a place for golfers with 250+ golf courses around the country, which attract thousands of golfers each year.
  • Songkaran, Phi Ta Khon, Loi Krathong, and Monkey Buffet are some famous sports of Thailand.

These are some nice and great facts about Thailand. Hope you would have loved this information.

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