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Tourists in Thailand say that life’s good subsequent to coup as the authorities relax curfew in Thailand

A person named Phil Koenighaus was at one of the Thailand’s beach when there was military coup previous week. He was enjoying the debauchery fest of Thailand’s notorious “Half Moon” festival.

He said, “There wasn’t a soldier in sight on the fair sands of the Koh Phangan. The party that attracts revelers from corners of the world went on for hours. We then moved to Bangkok and after all the celebrations I was unfazed by the reports of military takeover.”

Yet so far, Thailand’s military takeover drama has mainly hit the political arena. While the army of Thailand summoned journalists as well as academics to be seen as anti-coups and detained ousted political leaders issuing stern warnings on television, travel to Thailand remains usual business claim tourists who are enjoying Thailand’s famed beaches and travel for sightseeing in Bangkok.

The curfew began in Thailand at 10pm, which was pushed to midnight. News says it has affected travel to Thailand and impacted tourists while forcing nightlife in Thailand to be closed several hours earlier.

However, Rosemary Brutes a US tourist said, “It is really like nothing is changed, apart from just going home before 10pm.”

The latest curfew from midnight to 4am will cause Bangkok’s train system to operate between 6 in the morning and 11pm.

News for Thailand’s tourism industry

For tourism industry of Thailand and considering travel to Thailand, the situation is seen to be rather more ominous. The bookings were by now down after 6 months of the anti-government protest in Bangkok. The amalgamation of coup and curfew along has raised uncertainty and caused bruising effects on the hotels and various industries of Thailand experts said.

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