Three Countries to Must Visit when Travel to Asia

In the world of tourism, Asia is the only destination that attracts millions of travelers from all over the world. These travelers travel to different countries in Asia, and many of them come in a group of friends, relatives, family members, and colleagues. However, many travelers come alone because they want to explore the places they can in less time but with lots of fun.

Let us see three countries that a traveler or a group of tourists must travel to when planning to travel to Asia.

First country is India: India is a big diversity with 100s of places to envision. India has everything for everyone. It has historical monuments like The Taj Mahal, India Gate, Gateway of India, Golden Temple, Pink City, etc. It has zoological parks in South of India, North of India, and India has caves like Ajanta and Alora. India is a religious country where an array of festivals is celebrated all over the year and in these festivals, people of India spread love.

Second country to Travel in Asia is Thailand: Thailand is known all over the world for the friendliness of the people of Thailand. Weather here is pleasing all over the year and shining beaches welcome everyone with the warmth of love. When you will be Thailand, Bangkok is the place that you must Travel to especially when you want the real feel of Thai Massage and Thai Cuisine. Nowhere in the world you can the real feel of Thai Massage and Thai Cuisine except being in Thailand.

Third Country to visit is China: China is the fastest developing country in Asia. It is known worldwide for its cheaper products, and The Wall of China. The Wall of China is the largest wall in this world and is a part of Top Wonders of the World.

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