Guide to world travel

World travel is a great way to explore everything around the globe. One should plan for such a trip in a lifetime. However this would need extensive knowledge and a lot of planning. All such things can be done with the help of a world travel guide. This guide will have all the answers to your questions and make sure that the trip is a success. When you pan for a world travel; you have to decide on the places that need to be visited. Let us look at some of the top places of interest in the world.

Although there are many places in the world to be visited but Taj Mahal is a great monument of love situated in India. It is considered as a pride of the country and is also a world heritage site claimed by the UNESCO. The structure is made out of marble and is a jewel carved by the Muslim art. This is a major contributor in the foreign exchange earnings for India. Australia is a great country and Whitsunday Islands is one of the best places to be at. It possesses the rainforests and coral reefs which are a treat to the eyes.

If you are a beach loving person then Rio de Janeiro is a great place in Brazil. It is also called the fun capital of the world and hosts great night life which continues into the next day wee hours for party lovers. The United States of America is the most powerful country in the world. There are many great states and cities that offer a lot to its visitors. Miami is the most talked about destination. You need to be there for at least a week to enjoy the destination completely. Some of the places of interest are the Art museum, the Miami sky lift, the Miami speedway, Dolphin stadium and many more.

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