Thailand – The country of adventures

Thailand is a paradise for the adventurous travellers. There is no limit of adventures in this country. Many feel that dodging the traffic from airport is an adventure, but there is a lot of adventure, which is yet to come your way. You may choose a resort that offers many adventurous activities like bungee jumping and Para gliding and jet and water skiing. Falling from great heights and being blasted into the air or across the water at high speeds can be attained with utmost ease in these resorts.

For the tourists who love it in the water, Thailand is the right place for you. There is a whole new world to be explored under waters with diving and snorkelling. If you are not a water baby, but still want to explore the marine life, you can take a submarine ride in Phuket. This will make sure you do not miss the fun in the waters at all. This reason justifies that Thailand is known for every kind of traveller.

Apart from the water sports, people who love the mountains and are trekking freaks, Thailand has a host of places where trekking is done to the core. The best time for trekking is between November and February when the weather is great and the air is clear making it the perfect activity. There are many trekking tours being operated in Chiang Mai, Mae Hong Son and Chiang Rai as well. Usually a trek takes three to five days and you may need good boots and all the required things since it will be a long and tiring journey. If you are with a guide, they may take you through the ethnic villages and show you many tribes, which have different dresses and languages along with varied culture. If you are lucky enough then there can be some rafting and elephant ride included in the travel.

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