Thailand – A land of tourists

Thailand is one of the best tourist destinations. It is a dream of every traveller to visit Thailand. This country has a lot to offer to the tourists. Every traveller is different from the other. This means there should be diversity in each and every thing which the destination offers. This is easily provided by Thailand.

Different cities have abundant culture and glorious ancient history; that mesmerizes the travellers to the core. All these make Thailand one of the best places to be visited. Thailand has become a great tourist places and there are many types of packages which are offered by many tour guides. These packages are available at cheap and at luxury rates. They cover almost all the famous destinations of Thailand.

Thailand is very famous for Muay Thai which is an international sport and has been originated from this country. It has made this country proud and also runs many training camps which teach this state of the art sport with sheer dedication.

Bangkok is one of the famous tourist destinations of Thailand. This city is also the capital of Thailand. Most of the flights land at this city when travelling to Thailand. This is one of the busiest cities of Thailand. There are many places in Bangkok like the white sand beaches and the nightlife and the rich heritage temples which preach Buddhism.

The food of Thailand is also very luring to the tourists. The local people of Thailand are very humble and are always helpful to the all. This is also one of the main reasons for the ever increasing down pour of tourists every year.

The temples of Thailand are awe striking and showcase the heritage of the country in detail. Almost 70% of population preaches Buddhism in Thailand and are very sentimental with it. This should be taken off by every tourist when visiting Thailand.

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