Driving in Thailand, Asia

Driving in a new place has always been amazing and thrilling. If you love driving, then Chiang Mai, Thailand is the perfect place for you. Here you can rent a small four wheel drive, post which you can head to the North through the green mountains and the bamboo forests at a slow speed. This will give you ample time to explore the hill villages along with the Royal projects and the street side cuisines.

A very famous and never to miss market is the Bong Nam Lon also called as hot spring. As the name suggests, it is a small boiling water creek where different vendors sell small wired baskets of quail eggs which you may cook in the spring and then cherish.

While in the market you may also find the handcrafted articles and handmade clothes made by the hill tribes. These clothes are made out of hemp fibre, natural cotton and added colors. Coffee and cold beer is readily available and also a specialty of this city.

This city is filled with some Thai temples, but before that you would need to drive past through some never ending rice paddies which are set in the flat areas in between the hills of Chiang Mai. You may never get to see such greenery and beauty in some of the best places all over the world. It is just awe inspiring and is a part of Thailand travel.

The food here changes from the boring old steamed rice to the sticky rice which is pulled out of a woven basket and is eaten in lumps or balls along with the amazingly fresh cuisines which the locality is famous for. Thailand is known for its most weird and adventurous foods like the insects and frogs and snakes and lily pods and beetles and wild pork and grubs. However the truth is that the non adventurous eater is also well catered to by the Thai people.

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