Will Thailand manage to end this year with higher number of tourists compared to 2013?

This year started really bad for Thailand. Due to the continuous protests and bad political climate, Thailand had 10% fewer tourists in January this year compared to 2013. When we talk about numbers, the ministry of tourism and sport in Thailand has announced that Thailand had around 1.500.000 fewer tourists in the first six months of this year compared to 2013 (11.700.000 compared to 13.100.000 last year). However in the past month the situation is getting radically better, the new authority is continuing with the process of stabilizing the country and getting all the necessary terms to attract foreign tourists. There is no more curfew in the tourists hotspots, the provisional authorities are fighting corruption, the citizens of some countries don’t need to pay their visas in order to travel to Thailand etc. While we are mentioning the number of tourists it is good to point out that all regional markets have fewer tourists compared to last year and this is a general trend around the globe. China remains the country where most of the tourists come from, followed by Malaysia while the number of tourists from Russia and the United Kingdom has increased which is obviously a really interesting trend.

According to the ministry of tourism and sport in Thailand, the situation in the tourism sector in Thailand is expected to be improved in the second half of this year and there are good chances this year to be more successful compared to 2013. The target for 2014 is 26.7 million foreign tourists. This is mostly because of the measure that allows Chinese and Taiwanese tourists to travel to Thailand without paying for visa. On top of that latest news reveal that some other traditional tourists in Thailand like Japanese and South Korean tourists are slowly getting assured that Thailand is a safe destination to go.

At the same time tourism ministry and travel organizations from around the country are intensifying their ad campaigns targeting honeymooners, those who want to have their wedding day in Thailand, people with children as well as people who enjoy night life. This is not something difficult because Thailand is really a country where any group of people can find what it is looking for.

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