Thailand – news regarding visas

Visa system is a system of issuing visas to foreign nationals for the purpose of their stay in the territory of a particular country. The state regulates its visa system according to the interests of the state. Thailand has a well developed visa system that was functioning in the same way for years. However, when the provisional military government took power in May this year, this system was closely analyzed in order to see if there is any room for improvement. Thailand is issuing visas for almost every country in the world. It is not very hard to obtain a visa and it doesn’t cost much. In most cases the visa can be obtained upon arrival in Thailand. The reason for this simple procedure is that Thailand is tourist-oriented country. Since the number of tourists in Thailand is a little bit lowered compared to last year and since there are foreign nationals that abuse the liberal visa system of Thailand few changes have been made by Thai authorities.

First of all, Chinese nationals won’t have to pay for visas. This decision was made a month ago and latest news suggest that it will be in effect starting from August 2014. This decision will last until 1st of October because the main reason for this decision is to attract Chinese tourists. The tourists from China are the most numerous in Thailand every year. Until now they had to pay 1000 Thai baht in order to enter Thailand. However, it is good to mention that these free visas apply only for tourists, those who want to work or reside temporarily in Thailand will have to pay for their visas.

News that was a little bit surprising for foreigners was announced few days ago. The military authorities have announced that they will no longer tolerate foreigners that abuse their stay in Thailand. This means that foreign nationals will have to respect the time they are allowed to stay in Thailand. Many travelers especially from Australia are staying longer than they are allowed and they were tolerated in the past. However, the new authorities said that they will force those who overstay in Thailand to pay fines and they might face restrictions to enter Thailand in the future.

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