Traveling to Thailand? What about the visa?

Most of the countries in the world require you to have a visa if you want to travel there. Even in Thailand, you will need a visa, but that depends on the number of days that you intend on staying there for.
If at all you are visiting the enchanting land of Thailand on the purpose of tourism, then you will be able to stay in this country for about 30 days without a visa, solely by the credibility of your international passport. It goes without saying, any more days in Thailand, will need you to have a visa. If at all you are going to cross the Thailand border by land through buses, car or the trains) then you can be in the country for about 15 days without having a visa.
If your travel to Thailand requires you to stay for more than thirty days then you will have to get your tourist visa in place. There are three types of such visas.
• Single Entry – With this single entry visa, you can stay in Thailand for about 60 days. You also have the option to extend this for another 30 days by having to pay at the immigration.
• Double Entry – Once you are cleared about your 60 days stay visa and have opted for 30 days extra, then you are further eligible to get 60 days more. For this you will need to simply cross the Thailand borders and come back.
• Triple Entry – This is a lot like the doubt entry visa system, except that you get an extra set of sixty + thirty days.
So now you know what to look forward to when you visit the beautiful land of Thailand, you also have the information regarding the visa system.

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