News: Military coup jeopardizes tourism in Thailand

From one of the most attractive tourist destination to a country that is risky to visit – Thailand has experienced this transformation in the past few months. The decade long political crisis has become even more serious last autumn and culminated this may when the military decided to make a coup and change the elected civilian government. How long will this situation go is still unclear but the army leaders keep convincing the nation as well as foreign authorities that this is just a temporary situation that will last until they secure proper functioning in the state and make sure everyone is safe.

However, more than 50 states from around the world (including some of the states whose citizens regularly visit Thailand) have issued warnings for their citizens to avoid traveling to Thailand. The situation on ground is not that serious especially for foreign tourists. No tourist was harmed in these tensions and the popular tourist locations didn’t even experience any of these political events. The only thing that changed for some of these popular locations was the decision for imposing curfew made by military authorities. This measure significantly affected the number of tourist booking hotels for this summer season. Last year, Bangkok was the most visited capital in the world but that was before six-month long political crisis that still lasts. More than 3 billion dollars were lost in the tourist sector for the first three months and if the situation remains the same, Thailand can expect 40% lower income from tourism in 2014 compared to 2013. The curfew in Bangkok for example lasts from 10 PM to 5 AM and this has certainly affected the night clubs. After all, Bangkok is famous for its nightlife.

Latest news about the curfew are encouraging. Military authorities who are now in charge in Thailand have decided to lift the curfew for ten resort towns/areas including – Phuket Island, Ko Samui, Phan Nga province and Krabi province. According to the military these areas are perfectly save and that’s why there is no need for curfew. It is also good to know that the curfew doesn’t apply for travelers who are going to or from airports but having a passport is a must.

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