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Driving in Thailand, Asia

Driving in a new place has always been amazing and thrilling. If you love driving, then Chiang Mai, Thailand is the perfect place for you. Here you can rent a small four wheel drive, post which you can head to the North through the green mountains and the bamboo forests at a slow speed. This will give you ample time to explore the hill villages along with the Royal projects and the street side cuisines.

A very famous and never to miss market is the Bong Nam Lon also called as hot spring. As the name suggests, it is a small boiling water creek where different vendors sell small wired baskets of quail eggs which you may cook in the spring and then cherish.

While in the market you may also find the handcrafted articles and handmade clothes made by the hill tribes. These clothes are made out of hemp fibre, natural cotton and added colors. Coffee and cold beer is readily available and also a specialty of this city.

This city is filled with some Thai temples, but before that you would need to drive past through some never ending rice paddies which are set in the flat areas in between the hills of Chiang Mai. You may never get to see such greenery and beauty in some of the best places all over the world. It is just awe inspiring and is a part of Thailand travel.

The food here changes from the boring old steamed rice to the sticky rice which is pulled out of a woven basket and is eaten in lumps or balls along with the amazingly fresh cuisines which the locality is famous for. Thailand is known for its most weird and adventurous foods like the insects and frogs and snakes and lily pods and beetles and wild pork and grubs. However the truth is that the non adventurous eater is also well catered to by the Thai people.

Travel destination – Thailand

Nowadays one of the most popularly visited tourist destinations is Thailand. Travelling to Thailand is a great experience for all. Thailand has grown majorly as a tourist destination over the past two decades. There have been a lot of additions in terms of tourist attractions and this is the main reason of Thailand evolving as one of the most attractive tourist destination. Unlike other travel destinations Thailand has a lot of different things to offer which makes it unique in itself.

Diversity is the main key aspect of Thailand. It is filled with many landscapes around the country. However there is no snow areas in this country, but still the landscapes are a picture perfect view for any traveler. The climate is just awesome and the mountainous regions are filled with fogs swirling around them.

Apart from the hilly regions this country has a rich heritage and has a great diversity as well. This is also a key feature which attracts the travelers towards it thereby making Thailand a very popular destination for vacation. The hills of the Eastern Thailand not only offer a fruitful landscape but also for agriculture and the tropical forests.

Not only the mountains but the beaches are also a major attraction of this country. Many tourists pour into this amazing land round the year for the beautiful beaches which offer loads of water related activities to the tourists.

Thailand is also known for spiritual reasons. This land is well known for Buddhism. Most of the people of this country follow Buddhism. It is full of rituals and traditions which are followed in Buddhism. The way of living is very traditional here and also presents a very charming insight in the progress of Thailand.

The nightlife of Thailand is world famous and many tourists visit Thailand for this reason. It also offers many restaurant and bar options which present different cuisines to the tourists. All these make Thailand a must visit place of among all the other destinations.

Traveling the world for work purpose

How awesome would it be to have a job that will allow you to see the world? Do such jobs exist? Indeed they do. You can become an international business person and get to travel to several places in the world expanding your business. However, it will not be an easy start. For an easier way to live this dream of having roamed the world on the company’s expense, you can think of becoming an air hostess or a flight purser. Let’s take a look at reasons as to why this career option is a preferred one:

You get to roam the world:

When you are working as a cabin crew, you will get to fly to several countries that you probably cannot even imagine. Pick the kind of countries you would like to explore and accordingly try and get into airlines that cater to those countries.

Meet interesting people:

You never know whom you get to meet in your flight, you can easily get to meet the who’s who of almost every industry as at some point in time, they will be traveling to some place or the other in an aircraft.

Get introduced to different cultures:

Since you will be roaming the world, you will be able to catch a glimpse of several cultures and meet many interesting people. You will notice that your outlook broadens and you are even more enlightened as compared to before.

How to become a cabin crew member:

All you need to do is look good, begin by maintaining yourself, your appearance and be strong from within to tackle any unforeseen situations, as the passengers rely on the cabin crew in times of any kind of air trouble.

This way, you can travel the world and live every moment of it as you work