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Thailand Wonders to make you feel wow

Travelling is a joyous activity. This activity should be done with a lot of pre work to enjoy every bit of it. The research should not be intense but to make you aware of what activities can be done during the visit to that destination. This will help to utilise each and every minute of your travel. There shall be no regrets with your travel destination. Thailand is one of the best tourist destinations to be visited around the globe.

There are millions of tourists visiting this beautiful country every year. Thailand is a magical country with a lot of excitement happening at every corner. Each region of Thailand offers scenic and natural beauty which attracts millions of visitors each year.

The north region of the country is covered with lush green forests and beautiful mountains. Agriculture is also a part of this country which takes place in the central plain of Chiang Mai. It is very fertile for agriculture. Because of this Thailand is also known as the Rice Bowl of Asia.

The climate is humid here and the tropical is hot which attracts many tourists to this country. The country is filled with many popular cities but some of the most popular ones are the Pattaya and Bangkok and Samui. There are different seasons of each country which are the best to visit, and the peak tourist season is from August to March. Travelling during this season can be expensive. To get affordable rates one can travel during April to October.

So if you plan to visit Thailand, you must book your tickets well in advance to save yourself big bucks. There are many packages which offer almost everything which a tourist wishes to do while visiting Thailand. These packages are affordable and are a very good option for tourists. These packages provide you with food, accommodations and flight fares all at decent rates. So you can now plan to travel to Thailand with all these great and affordable tips.

Will Thailand manage to end this year with higher number of tourists compared to 2013?

This year started really bad for Thailand. Due to the continuous protests and bad political climate, Thailand had 10% fewer tourists in January this year compared to 2013. When we talk about numbers, the ministry of tourism and sport in Thailand has announced that Thailand had around 1.500.000 fewer tourists in the first six months of this year compared to 2013 (11.700.000 compared to 13.100.000 last year). However in the past month the situation is getting radically better, the new authority is continuing with the process of stabilizing the country and getting all the necessary terms to attract foreign tourists. There is no more curfew in the tourists hotspots, the provisional authorities are fighting corruption, the citizens of some countries don’t need to pay their visas in order to travel to Thailand etc. While we are mentioning the number of tourists it is good to point out that all regional markets have fewer tourists compared to last year and this is a general trend around the globe. China remains the country where most of the tourists come from, followed by Malaysia while the number of tourists from Russia and the United Kingdom has increased which is obviously a really interesting trend.

According to the ministry of tourism and sport in Thailand, the situation in the tourism sector in Thailand is expected to be improved in the second half of this year and there are good chances this year to be more successful compared to 2013. The target for 2014 is 26.7 million foreign tourists. This is mostly because of the measure that allows Chinese and Taiwanese tourists to travel to Thailand without paying for visa. On top of that latest news reveal that some other traditional tourists in Thailand like Japanese and South Korean tourists are slowly getting assured that Thailand is a safe destination to go.

At the same time tourism ministry and travel organizations from around the country are intensifying their ad campaigns targeting honeymooners, those who want to have their wedding day in Thailand, people with children as well as people who enjoy night life. This is not something difficult because Thailand is really a country where any group of people can find what it is looking for.

Thailand – news regarding visas

Visa system is a system of issuing visas to foreign nationals for the purpose of their stay in the territory of a particular country. The state regulates its visa system according to the interests of the state. Thailand has a well developed visa system that was functioning in the same way for years. However, when the provisional military government took power in May this year, this system was closely analyzed in order to see if there is any room for improvement. Thailand is issuing visas for almost every country in the world. It is not very hard to obtain a visa and it doesn’t cost much. In most cases the visa can be obtained upon arrival in Thailand. The reason for this simple procedure is that Thailand is tourist-oriented country. Since the number of tourists in Thailand is a little bit lowered compared to last year and since there are foreign nationals that abuse the liberal visa system of Thailand few changes have been made by Thai authorities.

First of all, Chinese nationals won’t have to pay for visas. This decision was made a month ago and latest news suggest that it will be in effect starting from August 2014. This decision will last until 1st of October because the main reason for this decision is to attract Chinese tourists. The tourists from China are the most numerous in Thailand every year. Until now they had to pay 1000 Thai baht in order to enter Thailand. However, it is good to mention that these free visas apply only for tourists, those who want to work or reside temporarily in Thailand will have to pay for their visas.

News that was a little bit surprising for foreigners was announced few days ago. The military authorities have announced that they will no longer tolerate foreigners that abuse their stay in Thailand. This means that foreign nationals will have to respect the time they are allowed to stay in Thailand. Many travelers especially from Australia are staying longer than they are allowed and they were tolerated in the past. However, the new authorities said that they will force those who overstay in Thailand to pay fines and they might face restrictions to enter Thailand in the future.

Honeymoon Destinations in India – A Country in Asia

India is one of the Asian countries, which is known for its beautiful places among people from all over the world. Especially the newly married people love to visit India for their Honeymoon. While honeymoon destinations are limited in this world, India has many places where newlywed couples love to be while snatching the beauty of nature. And, the best time to explore the beauty of these honeymoon destinations in India is from November to January for those who are from warm regions. And for those who are from cold regions, the best time is May to August.

As stated earlier, there are so many beautiful places in India for honeymoon couples, at the top is Kashmir. Apart from Kashmir there is Kerala, Jaipur, Agra, and Himachal Pradesh. All these places are just rocking with beautiful sceneries of nature. If we talk about Kashmir, then it is known as Heaven on Earth because of its beauty that works as the magnet for people from all over the world. And, when snowfall occurs then this place becomes a hub of honeymoon couples. Nowhere else in India you will see honeymoon couples when snowfall occurs.

With beautiful greenery, lakes, and mountains, the attraction comes itself as soon as you step down here. Apart from Kashmir, Kerala is a place that has a lot for honeymoon couples. However, to get the best from Kerala, you shall take help of a tourist guide. And, if you want to see the symbol of love, the Taj Mahal, then go to Agra. Moving from one destination to another is much easier due to approachable transportation via taxi, train, and luxury buses. The beauty of Taj Mahal entices everyone. Once you will visit the Taj Mahal then you will love to be here every year. It has something that attracts visitors and they love to travel to Asia again and again and when they come to Asia then India remains at top in the list.

chiang Rai – Exploring Thailand

Chiang Rai is a relatively small city (200.000 inhabitants) located in the north of Thailand in the area known as the Golden Triangle border region. This is region that connects Thailand, Myanmar and Laos. In the recent years this city has become a really popular tourist destination, because it can be used as a good starting point to enter two other countries besides Thailand and because it provides access to some beautiful (unexplored) nature. Besides that there are many other things that you can see and do while you are in Chiang Rai. This city should not be confused with Chiang Mai that is located a little bit more on the south.

Although this city is located in a relatively isoloated location there are many ways to reach this city. For example, there is an international airport just 8 kilometers from Chiang Rai. You can also go there by bus (there are several options – from luxurious bus transportation to budget traveling). If you want to use the train you should be aware that the train station is located in Chiang Mai. Chiang Rai is located around 800 km from the capital Bangkok, so this means that it is not too difficult to go there by car too.

Chiang Rai is famous for its temples. The White Temple (Wat Rong Khun) is one of the most visited temples in this city. This is a relatively new temple (1998) and it has some interesting murals and pictures of Buddha and some historical events from Thailand. Those who want to see a temple with longer history should check Wat Klong Wiang – a temple built in 1432. Wat Phra Kaeo was once the home of the famous Emerald Buddha which is now placed in Bangkok. Besides Buddhist temples there are few churches too. Besides religious buildings people in Chiang Rai can also visit some of the many museums, Phucheefah (a place where you can watch the sunrise), the King Mengrai memorial, Gate of Siam etc.

Those who want to be a little bit more active while in Chiang Rai can take a trekking tour, participate in rock climbing, visit some of the many waterfalls and hot springs, visit the Buddha cave and have a picnic etc.

Chiang Rai is amazing and this place will definitely become more popular in the upcoming years, so make sure you visit it before the others.