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Traveling to Thailand? What about the visa?

Most of the countries in the world require you to have a visa if you want to travel there. Even in Thailand, you will need a visa, but that depends on the number of days that you intend on staying there for.
If at all you are visiting the enchanting land of Thailand on the purpose of tourism, then you will be able to stay in this country for about 30 days without a visa, solely by the credibility of your international passport. It goes without saying, any more days in Thailand, will need you to have a visa. If at all you are going to cross the Thailand border by land through buses, car or the trains) then you can be in the country for about 15 days without having a visa.
If your travel to Thailand requires you to stay for more than thirty days then you will have to get your tourist visa in place. There are three types of such visas.
• Single Entry – With this single entry visa, you can stay in Thailand for about 60 days. You also have the option to extend this for another 30 days by having to pay at the immigration.
• Double Entry – Once you are cleared about your 60 days stay visa and have opted for 30 days extra, then you are further eligible to get 60 days more. For this you will need to simply cross the Thailand borders and come back.
• Triple Entry – This is a lot like the doubt entry visa system, except that you get an extra set of sixty + thirty days.
So now you know what to look forward to when you visit the beautiful land of Thailand, you also have the information regarding the visa system.

News: Military coup jeopardizes tourism in Thailand

From one of the most attractive tourist destination to a country that is risky to visit – Thailand has experienced this transformation in the past few months. The decade long political crisis has become even more serious last autumn and culminated this may when the military decided to make a coup and change the elected civilian government. How long will this situation go is still unclear but the army leaders keep convincing the nation as well as foreign authorities that this is just a temporary situation that will last until they secure proper functioning in the state and make sure everyone is safe.

However, more than 50 states from around the world (including some of the states whose citizens regularly visit Thailand) have issued warnings for their citizens to avoid traveling to Thailand. The situation on ground is not that serious especially for foreign tourists. No tourist was harmed in these tensions and the popular tourist locations didn’t even experience any of these political events. The only thing that changed for some of these popular locations was the decision for imposing curfew made by military authorities. This measure significantly affected the number of tourist booking hotels for this summer season. Last year, Bangkok was the most visited capital in the world but that was before six-month long political crisis that still lasts. More than 3 billion dollars were lost in the tourist sector for the first three months and if the situation remains the same, Thailand can expect 40% lower income from tourism in 2014 compared to 2013. The curfew in Bangkok for example lasts from 10 PM to 5 AM and this has certainly affected the night clubs. After all, Bangkok is famous for its nightlife.

Latest news about the curfew are encouraging. Military authorities who are now in charge in Thailand have decided to lift the curfew for ten resort towns/areas including – Phuket Island, Ko Samui, Phan Nga province and Krabi province. According to the military these areas are perfectly save and that’s why there is no need for curfew. It is also good to know that the curfew doesn’t apply for travelers who are going to or from airports but having a passport is a must.

Why should you not miss a travel to Thailand?

Thailand is known to be a very popular holidaying destination. Most people travel to this place to enjoy a good few weeks or months before they get back to routine life. Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t ever miss a trip to Thailand.

Sweet Sunshine: Thailand has a pleasant climate all year round. Regardless of the season, the sun will always shine up bright. So if you are from the cold countries and crave for the sun, Thailand is the place for you to be!

Shopping: For all the shopaholics out there, Thailand is the place to be especially when you want to shop till you drop. Enjoy the immense stretch of the flea market, to get world class goods at a dirt cheap price.

Site seeing: Apart from the amazing sun kissed beaches, Thailand travel ahs a lot of scenic cities that you can explore. The ever busy capital, the soothing Northern Thai offer many places of interest for you to hook on to. Understand Thai culture and more about Thailand by travelling to these cities.

The hospitality: Thailand is known for its hospitality. Not only are the people very warm and welcoming, they are also very talented when it comes to offering spa and other relaxation treatments. If you are stressed with your office tensions and want a relaxing getaway, ravel to Thailand for its intense relaxation treatments. Thai massages and various other spa treatments, help in rejuvenating your senses and keeping your body calm. Your colleagues will be amazed with the boost of energy you will get back to work with.

So do you need more reasons to take the next flight to Thailand? For more reasons, visit this heaven on earth and you will see for yourself!

Thailand travel

Travel is a very integral part of our daily lives. This travel can be commuting on a daily basis from your home to office or even for business purposes or leisure activities outside your home town. You can visit many places for spending your leisure time. Thailand is one of the most visited places for rejuvenation. The main reason for this is the many islands it possesses in its boundaries. Some of the many known islands in Thailand are Ko Chang, Ko Kut, Ko Mak, Ko Rang and many more. These islands are very well known for its scenic beauty, lush green environment and the beaches it offers.
Thailand as a whole
Thailand is a very large country and the first thought many people think about when travelling to Thailand are the white sands of a picture perfect tropical. And with so many islands to choose from the question is which one is the best for you. But to be honest, with such a large number of islands there is something for everyone travelling to Thailand. If the thought of sharing a beach with many other travelers who just wish to drink beer and ride jet skis pulls you back; then you can turn your focus on the south west coast of Thailand. There is a trend seen among Thailand travelers who usually go to a certain extent and stop exploring further as this little effort will open up and array of empty beaches for them to explore with some friendly but genuine locals.
It is also seen that many travelers take a sleeper train from Bangkok south and get off at Surat Thani which give you complete access to the east coast islands but if you do not want to be the herd follower then you can stay back on the same train for a couple of hours more and get down at Trang station. This area has been largely kept out of reach of Thailand visitors routes. This is a very calm and relaxed destination and can be an amazing place for you to rejuvenate.

Hyatt’s Andaz Hotel in Japan is Opened

Hyatt is known all over the world for its series of Andaz hotels. Not, Hyatt has opened its first Andaz hotel in Japan and this hotel is named Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills. It is the 12th Andaz hotel all over the world. Some other names of Hyatt hotels in Tokyo are Park Hyatt Tokyo, Hyatt Regency Tokyo, and Grand Hyatt Tokyo. With Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills, Japan now have 4 Hyatt hotels – a history is created by Hyatt in Japan.

Let us see some of the outstanding features and qualities of Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills:

• Built at the 52 story Toranomon Hills
• It is located between the Tokyo tower and Imperial palace
• Provides easy access to places like Ginza shopping district, central financial area, etc.
• Andaz hotel series is a unique series from Hyatt and a new exposure for Tokyo
• With 164 rooms, Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills is ready to welcome people of all class; out of 164 rooms, 8 are special suites with features like Wi-Fi, local phone, eating and dinning, etc
• With a bar, wedding place, and meeting space, hotel has been crafted to become an attraction of everyone.
• It is located at the prime location of Toranomon Hills, which is easily approachable and connected with many main areas. With a distance of just 5 to 15 minutes drive, one can move from one location to another.

With so many qualities, Hyatt offers its guests other places in the building to envision and explore; for example, SPA etc can be enjoyed as well. So, finally Hyatt now has a total 12 Andaz hotels all over the world with one now launched in Tokyo. Visit Tokyo to have a look at the new Hyaat Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills and see yourself how elegant it is and what type of culture it represents per Tokyo, as Andaz hotels are known for their cultural presence and goodwill.