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Hot News from Thailand from the galore !

Tourists in Thailand say that life’s good subsequent to coup as the authorities relax curfew in Thailand

A person named Phil Koenighaus was at one of the Thailand’s beach when there was military coup previous week. He was enjoying the debauchery fest of Thailand’s notorious “Half Moon” festival.

He said, “There wasn’t a soldier in sight on the fair sands of the Koh Phangan. The party that attracts revelers from corners of the world went on for hours. We then moved to Bangkok and after all the celebrations I was unfazed by the reports of military takeover.”

Yet so far, Thailand’s military takeover drama has mainly hit the political arena. While the army of Thailand summoned journalists as well as academics to be seen as anti-coups and detained ousted political leaders issuing stern warnings on television, travel to Thailand remains usual business claim tourists who are enjoying Thailand’s famed beaches and travel for sightseeing in Bangkok.

The curfew began in Thailand at 10pm, which was pushed to midnight. News says it has affected travel to Thailand and impacted tourists while forcing nightlife in Thailand to be closed several hours earlier.

However, Rosemary Brutes a US tourist said, “It is really like nothing is changed, apart from just going home before 10pm.”

The latest curfew from midnight to 4am will cause Bangkok’s train system to operate between 6 in the morning and 11pm.

News for Thailand’s tourism industry

For tourism industry of Thailand and considering travel to Thailand, the situation is seen to be rather more ominous. The bookings were by now down after 6 months of the anti-government protest in Bangkok. The amalgamation of coup and curfew along has raised uncertainty and caused bruising effects on the hotels and various industries of Thailand experts said.

Thailand Tourism- Interesting news for all Thailand visitors

Skal International has extended its support for Thailand’s tourism industry, reports news from reuters.

About Skal

Skål is one international organization which binds all the branches of Travel & Tourism Industries across the world. The representative industry managers and executives a.k.a Skålleagues meet at the local and national as well as international level to boost the environment of friendship and discuss topics of common interest.

Skal International is the largest organization of tourism professionals. It covers all branches of industry. News is that Skal International has decided to grant its support for Thailand’s tourism industry. There are talks of sustained meetings of its managerial Committee and the International Skal Council of Bangkok during this week’s end.

Skål isn’t a business association. However, Skålleagues co-operate and do business with each other efficiently. This promises Thailand tourists with further enhanced travel experiences.

Skal aims to develop the tourims sector in Thailand while assisting community at large. This can be seen through participation of their employees at local activities as well as events across all levels. Their members meet the industry colleagues from across the world to boost an atmosphere of ideas and opportunities at personal as well as business levels.

Karine Coulanges, President of the Skal International has expressed that Thailand is going to some difficult times. At such a time, Skal International’s support is great support for Thailand’s travel and tourism industry.

The vision of Skal International is to become a trusted voice in the travel and tourism sector. It aims to achieve this through its leadership and professionalism as well as friendship styles. The organization works together in enhancing its vision and maximizes networking opportunities to develop responsible tourism industry. Thailand tourism success is going to reach new heights in the time to come indeed.

Travelling around the world

“He’s got the whole world in his hands”, imagine being the “him” in this, with no disrespect to the famous carol, it would indeed be an awesome feeling to have the entire world in your pocket. Let’s take a glance of this world that we talk about. This magical world we live in consists of 7 continents, 5 oceans and more than 190 countries. We live in only one tiny part of the world.

Making life worth living

We all have to work to make a living, but how do we spend that amount? Indeed we have our chores and other routine expenses, but one should make it a practice to set aside some funds for travel. Yes, when you travel, you are opening up your mind to absorb the goodness of nature, imagine the freshness that you will feel thereafter, imagine how better you can go ahead with your mundane tasks when you are back!

Make it a mission

Everyone has a bucket list. Make one for yourself. Make a promise to yourself that by the time you turn 50, you would’ve visited at least one country in each of the seven continents and would’ve enjoyed a swim in each of the five oceans. With the advancement in today’s time, roaming around the world is not such a big task as it would’ve been a couple of decades ago.

You can travel even on account of work, if you are lucky, your company would sponsor your trips. Most sales organizations have this reward of sending their employees on a vacation to exotic places in the world on completion of a certain quarter or achieving high targets. If you are at a nascent stage of your career, choose a path that will allow you to travel so that you can work as well as enjoy the beauty of nature at the same time.