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Travel to Thailand with these Money Saving Tips

When you are all ready to travel to Thailand, you may want to know some money saving tips. If so, here you will get some nice money saving tips especially when you are coming here alone and for a longer period like a month or more. Here are the tips:


When you put your first step on the land of Thailand in Bangkok then the very first thing that comes in might is where I should stay. You have many options if there is no lack of money. 5 star hotels are always open to welcome you but when you are in need to save money, then you need to move towards countryside where you can get a room for around $5 to $10 per night to per day. However, if you want a room with aircon then have a look at small hotels in city where you may need to spend around $15 to $25 per day.


After accomodation, the cost that may be heavy on your pocket will be of food. If you have choosen to stay at a hotel in city then you may not want to order food there because that will be costly; almost double as compared to the street food. When you are in Thailand then why not you taste local Thai food have at street stalls. The food is not only cheaper but you will feel the real taste of Thailand as well.


So, when you are in Thailand on a long vacation then you should avoid using personal taxi because that will cost you much. And, if are taking personal taxi just due to saftey purpose then you shall not be worried because public transport in Thailand is safe. Moreover, public transport is much cheaper and easily available than personal taxi. You can get a full day pass as well.

Get benefits of happy hour

When you travel to Thailand, you would like the concept of Happy hour during which you are offered food, beverages, etc at half of the price. Take advantage of that.

Top 5 places to visit in Thailand

Thailand is one of the most beautiful places on earth. This country is full of natural sceneries, beaches, Buddhist temples, landscapes, villages, heart winning coast lines, and lagoons. With abundance of natural sceneries, Thailand has been going forward with modernity with high raise buildings, bikes, transport system, and everything we want to have in a modern world. It has everything for everyone starting from Buddhist temples to villages to pub and bars to sports complexes to beaches. With so much diversity, people often get confused when it comes to travel to Thailand. They get confused between from where to start and where to move next. And, the only reason behind this is the big diversity with so much to explore. Here are top 5 places to visit in Thailand:

Bangkok – Obviously the very first place during your travel trip to Thailand is Bangkok. Being the capital of Thailand, it has been the most beautiful city with modern insights of high rise buildings, pubs, bars, etc. while spreading the tradition of Thailand with ancient temples, magnificent historical places, and Thai cuisine.

Chiang Mai – After Bangkok, Chiang Mai is the place that you would like to see. This is a place for people who love outdoor adventure.  Here, you will see lush landscapes, hill tribes, and places demonstrating Thai architecture.

Phuket – it is the third place you would like to envision when you are on travel trip to Thailand. It is known as hub of beaches and blue lagoons. In addition to these, this place is an attraction of spa lovers and water sport lovers.

Kanchanaburi – Major attractions here are national parks and waterfalls that create the scene of natural abundance and love.

Ayuthaya – It is also known as SIAM and it is the most magnificent city on the earth.

These are the top 5 places to travel to Thailand without any doubt in your mind. So, if you have planned to visit to Thailand and forgot to add any of them in the list of the places to visit then add them for some extra fun and enjoyment.

Three Countries to Must Visit when Travel to Asia

In the world of tourism, Asia is the only destination that attracts millions of travelers from all over the world. These travelers travel to different countries in Asia, and many of them come in a group of friends, relatives, family members, and colleagues. However, many travelers come alone because they want to explore the places they can in less time but with lots of fun.

Let us see three countries that a traveler or a group of tourists must travel to when planning to travel to Asia.

First country is India: India is a big diversity with 100s of places to envision. India has everything for everyone. It has historical monuments like The Taj Mahal, India Gate, Gateway of India, Golden Temple, Pink City, etc. It has zoological parks in South of India, North of India, and India has caves like Ajanta and Alora. India is a religious country where an array of festivals is celebrated all over the year and in these festivals, people of India spread love.

Second country to Travel in Asia is Thailand: Thailand is known all over the world for the friendliness of the people of Thailand. Weather here is pleasing all over the year and shining beaches welcome everyone with the warmth of love. When you will be Thailand, Bangkok is the place that you must Travel to especially when you want the real feel of Thai Massage and Thai Cuisine. Nowhere in the world you can the real feel of Thai Massage and Thai Cuisine except being in Thailand.

Third Country to visit is China: China is the fastest developing country in Asia. It is known worldwide for its cheaper products, and The Wall of China. The Wall of China is the largest wall in this world and is a part of Top Wonders of the World.