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Thailand’s less known tourist destinations – Chiang Rai

If you are looking for a different type of holiday we suggest that you visit Chiang Rai. This beautiful small city is located in Northern Thailand around 800 km from Bangkok. It was founded by Phaya Mengrai in the 13th century and it was then part of a Lao-Thai kingdom. Nowadays this city is getting more and more popular among tourists which enjoy the beautiful nature and interesting tourist attractions in and around the city. Chiang Rai is also used as a starting point to explore the isolated wilderness of Northern Thailand.

There are few ways to reach Chiang Rai if you are traveling from Bangkok. You can get there by plane, car, train or bug. We suggest you take the last option because although it will take 11 hours to get to the destination you will most certainly enjoy the beautiful small villages and the dense jungle on the road to Chiang Rai.

This delightful city is best known for its calm ambiance, cheap accommodation and exotic food. Besides these things the pleasant people of the city will gladly show you the local tourist attractions and there are a lot of interesting places to visit here. These are some of the must-see attractions for all tourists that plan to visit this region:

1. Doi Tung (The Royal Villa) – This beautiful building was built as a residence for the former Late Princess mother (the mother of the present king). Besides the beautiful architecture they constructors have paid attention to the gardens which are full with different trees and plants. Don’t miss the unique coffee beans that are sold only here!

2. Doi Mae Salong – This is actually a community that offers tourist lots of different activities in order to feel the genuine Thai life in the countryside. It also has a Chinese influence thanks to the mixed population living here. Whether you are looking to visit an old Buddhist temple or see the process of tea planting you are at the right place.

3. Hill Tribe Museum – The region of Chiang Rai is famous for the various tribes that live there. If you want to learn something about these tribes then you must visit the Hill Tribe Museum. It’s very informative and it will help you understand the way these tribes live тhere for centuries.

There are more tourist attractions and things to do in Chiang Rai which makes it the perfect destination for every adventurous tourist!

Discovering Chiang Rai

The small and charming city of Chiang Rai is the capital of the Thailand’s northernmost province with the same name. In the recent years this picturesque city is experiencing a real tourist boom. There are many factors for this but the main reason is the interesting location of the city, the warm weather and the friendly people. Chiang Rai lies on the Mae Kok River which makes the soil very fertile and it’s no wonder why there are so many fruit stands in the city offering fresh exotic fruit. The weather is almost always warm which makes it appealing for tourist visits all over the year.

Chiang Rai is often used as a base for people that want to visit the so-called “Golden Triangle”. This Golden triangle is actually the area where three Asian countries are bordering – Thailand, Laos and Burma. It is a very interesting region with untouched nature.

Besides the wild nature, jungle forests, traditional architecture and local cuisine there are many other things that you can do when you are in Chiang Rai.

For example tourists that are more adventurous can rent ATVs. Explore the endless wild life of Thailand with the help of an ATV. The local waterfalls are simply breath-taking and so is the driving trough the thick jungle. Some of the views there are scenic and the terrain is something that you can experience only when in Chiang Rai.

Another fun activity to do is to visit the local Boomerang Rock Climbing and Adventure Park. There are dozens of tourists visiting this complex daily. There are some beautiful caves where you can climb and explore at the same time. You should also try the zip lines and take a breath with a small picnic.

Khun Korn Waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Thailand. So, don’t miss it while you are in Chiang Rai. You can get there after a pleasant walk in the jungle and if you are lucky enough you can see some amazing snakes around. The waterfall itself is really big and it is a nice place to take photo of you and your family.

The growing popularity of Chiang Rai is not something that is happening by accident. The local authorities have invested much in tourism and there are numerous hotels built in the recent years that can host hundreds of visitors. Chiang Rai is definitely a city that will get even more popular among tourists in the upcoming years.

The reason to buy and the top ten of souvenir not want, know before you pay

Skyscanner survey revealed about 10 souvenirs not want, the keychain is number one, DVD and refrigerator magnets, respectively.


Skyscanner the Search engine for the rent of Flights, Hotels and Car survey 1,000 tourists after found the souvenirs from friends or family have a tend to thrown it in the trash. The survey found that more than 65 percent of those surveyed admitted that they were not impressed with the souvenirs, 34 percent want to removal souvenirs by thrown, donate or give to someone else, only 8 percent try to use the souvenirs, 2 percent break it so they do not need to stored and 1 percent refused to accept the souvenirs immediately.

And the survey also found the key chain is the number one on the list of souvenirs that do not want the most (17 percent), number two is a DVD (12 percent), number three is refrigerator magnets (10 percent), number four is foods (7 percent ), number five is cheap jewelry (5 percent), number six is brand toy of the airline and the airline branded products (5 percent), number seven is the funny T-shirt, number eight is the local drink, number nine is the dll and number ten is snowballs.