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Chiang Rai – The Hidden Gem of Thailand

Chiang Rai is a small city (67.000 inhabitants) located on the north of Thailand. Although it’s not big it is a popular tourist destination because of its beauty and many attractions that it offers. Almost every tourist tour on Thailand includes a visit to Chiang Rai – a city with picturesque surrounding that includes beautiful countryside and high mountains. We have completed a list of things that every traveler should visit when in Chiang Rai.

  1. Wat Rong Khun – a beautiful Buddhist temple (Wat) also known as White Temple is a place that is visited by hundreds of worshipers every day. Its unique architecture makes this temple one of a kind not only for Chiang Rai but for whole Thailand. Wat Rong Khun is something that you should not miss while in Chiang Rai.
  2. Phu Chi Fa Forest Park – a place where you can see the natural beauties of Chiang Rai. This park is visited by both – Thai and foreign tourists who usually go here to see the sunrise or the sunset. The picture of the sun rising above the mountains is amazing and something you won’t forget for a long time.
  3. Mae Fah Luang Art and Culture Park – besides natural parks Chiang Rai has culture parks too. This is actually a big botanic garden with lots of streams, museum-like buildings housing lots of artifacts and many different Thai plants. People often use this place to have picnics and enjoy the nature.
  4. Clock Tower – located near night bazaar area, this clock is one of the most famous attractions of Chiang Rai. It is especially interesting during the night because it changes its colors every hour. Make sure you take a photo when you are around this interesting clock tower.
  5. Wat Phrathat Doi Tong – another amazing Buddhist temple constructed in the 10th century. It’s surrounded by jungle and lots of water streams. Besides the temple this complex also has a museum dedicated to Buddha where you can learn a lot about Buddhism from the young Buddhist students that are usually there.
  6. Baan Si Dum (Black House) – this is another art museum in Chiang Rai area that’s worth visiting. It’s located few miles north from Chiang Rai and it’s constructed by the same man that has constructed Wat Rong Khun. Even if you don’t like art much this place will certainly impress you. There are lots of unique buildings, creative architecture, many art pieces…

These are few of the places which you can visit while in Chiang Rai – the hidden gem of Thailand.


Thailand – the core of hedonism

Culture you have never met before, people full of tolerance and people who don’t take off the smile from their faces, a place with amazing nature – Thailand.

In today’s kingdom, which was known as Siam in the middle of the 20th century, the majority of people are Thai practicing Buddhist religion, these are the people that were first to use bronze. There is also Lao people and Chinese people living in Thailand and in the north of the country, in the jungles, there are tribes that managed to avoid civilization advantages which you can explore thanks to a tourist tour.

These are some of the places that you can visit while in Thailand.


The capital and the largest city in Thailand – Bangkok is a real urban jungle with mixed scents, heavy traffic, cheap street food and amazing night life. You can see students in uniforms headed to their colleges, smiling backpackers who constantly explore this beautiful country, tourists lost in the crowd…

Bangkok has developed on the river Chao Phraya and from a small town became a city full of skyscrapers, city that is chaotic, crowded and incredibly fun at the same time. Night clubs, bars, clubs, the exotic of the East slightly mixed with different world cultures.

In the Great hall of the temple there is a beautiful Emerald Buddha statue which every tourist should see. When we talk about temples there are hundreds of temples dedicated to the founder of Buddhism. Because Thai people love holidays, they also honor Christmas and don’t be surprised if you see decorations on the streets during Christmas time.

Chiang Mai and the jungles of Thailand

Chiang Mai is a city in the north of Thailand. It’s the second largest city in the country and what is interesting is that it is surrounded by jungle. If you travel there make sure that you have peeked at the plants and animals in the jungle. There are elephants that are kept as pets and they are even used for massage.  It is these animals that are used as a “vehicle” through the jungle. Together with your local guide you can start an amazing adventure.

Through the rice fields, riding the strongest animal in the world, you will meet local tribes. Some of these tribes have no clue what cars are, because they are isolated from the civilization.

You can try the local food and experience something really unique – swimming in the jungle. This will be a completely new experience for every tourist.

These are some of the many interesting places that you can visit in Thailand! Don’t forget that there are tens more.